Adil Baguirov

As Adil Baguirov immersed himself in his elected role with the Dayton Board of Education, he began to take on increased responsibilities to ensure as much as possible was accomplished in the years ahead.

Serving Dayton Public Schools from 2013 to 2017, Baguirov was elected president in 2016 thanks to many successes — increasing cash reserves and aiding the budget, bettering transportation, etc. — in serving the district’s students, parents, teachers and staff. For one year beginning in 2014, he was a committee member with the City of Learners organization in Dayton. Baguirov also worked as chairman after this time, 2015 to 2017, of the Dayton Public Schools Technology Steering Committee as he made strides for improved technology across the district.

Lastly, since 2014, he has been dedicated to the Miami Valley Child Development Center, separately from his work with the Board of Education. First serving as a Policy Council member, Adil Baguirov became a Board of Trustees member in 2017.