Adil Baguirov

Adil Baguirov considers himself to be passionate about his community of Dayton, Ohio, which is why he feels it is important to make sure he helps Dayton’s people as much as possible. He insists on stressing education, technology and fiscal accountability as the keys to building a strong community, which is why he has been serving on the Dayton Board of Education since he was elected to it in 2013.

During his campaign, he made three simple campaign promises. The first was to bring better technology to the Dayton school system, including better computers for students, special software to provide academic support for students and a mobile app to provide parents with more information and control. Adil Baguirov also promised a better cultural and academic curriculum, as well as better transparency and accountability when it came to school district finances. He wanted to make sure more money flows into the classroom.

When it comes to his background, Adil Baguirov has a lot to offer. He serves as owner of a premier logistics and transportation company in north Dayton, but he is also a prolific commercial real estate investor of some note. Adil has so far authored numerous academic books and articles and he is highly valued as a public speaker and lecturer. He has also moderated a number of academic conferences and he has audited many university-level classes. He has also played a key role in research at several think tanks.

Given such a diverse background, it is no wonder that Adil Baguirov was able to fulfill all three promises. In fact, he has largely exceeded all three goals he expressed as a member of the Dayton Board of Education. His record is excellent.